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Ever wanted to mush a dog team?

A trip to Alaska is not complete without mushing a sled dog team. We have designed a special cart made just for summer mushing. Feel the excitement and power of a sled dog team when they hear word "Mush."
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Fun Facts About Bill Cotter

Bill Cotter, an Alaskan resident for over 40 years, has maintained his own kennel of 40-70 dogs to compete at an elite level in Alaska’s most competitive races during this time.

Cotter’s Kennel is known for its own breed of racing sled dogs.  These well bred dogsare in demand throughout the sled dog world.

Bill Cotter Cotter has competed in virtually every major sprint, mid-distance and long distance race in Alaska.

Bill has entered and finished over 150 sled dog races in his 40 year career, including twenty five 1000 mile races.  He is the 1987 Yukon Quest Champion.

Bill is listed 8th on the Iditarod all time money winning list and still holds one of the fastest times across the trail.

Bill is recognized as one of the most consistent mushers ever to participate in the Iditarod, (Iditarod Runner)  with a top finish of 3rd place in 1995.

Bill is known for his great love of and care for his dogs.  He has won 4 Humanitarian Awards for the care of his dogs in races.

Bill’s Iditarod involvement stems from the very first race.  He was a “volunteer.”  He was the first checker at the first checkpoint in the first race!  His love of the Iditarod grew from the beginning in 1973, it shows in the way he treats his dogs, fans and his sponsors.



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