Bill Cotter, 64, was born in New Hampshire and came to Alaska on a post college graduation trip with some friends in 1970. Bill fell in love with alaska and stayed while his friends return east without him.

By chance Joe Redington Sr. was Bill's neighbor in Knik, Alaska where Bill first lived. Bill visited Joe often to see what sled dogs were all about. Bill got his first sled dog pup from Joe named "Kwik", named that because he was always first out of the dog house, and "Kwik" was Bill's first leader and the foundation dog of Bill's kennel.

He won the Yukon Quest in 1987 and has completed 20 Iditarods, his best finish being third in 1995. He also won the Alaska Airlines Humanitarian award. This award is presented to a top 20 team who best demonstrates “outstanding dog care while remaining competitive” throughout the race

Bill has been racing sled dogs since 1971 and still raises and trains sled dog for races.

Bill says he has enjoyed his racing career and has had the opportunity to meet many interesting people from all around the world.

Bill is a retired electrician and house builder. He has his kennel of 40 plus sled dogs located in Nenana, Alaska

Bill enjoys biking and fishing when he is not tending to he dogs.



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